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Herbs that calm the Stress

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When stress happens Adrenalin is released, which causes a system of negative effects to your body. The moment Adrenaline is released survival mode kicks in and all blood is shunted to only 4 organs (brain, heart, lungs, and muscles). Your body is now preparing for fight or flight mode, this causes other mechanisms to temporarily shut down to focus energy solely on survival. Digestion and healing response are just a few things that take a back seat when your body is in overdrive. If you find yourself in stress mode too often then chances are your digestive system is not working to its full potential, which can eventually cause a domino effect of issues to your your body, emotional well-being, and quality of life. Holistic health is all about self care; finding a balance and nurturing yourself. The amazing truth about the Holistic approach to healing is you customize it by what you personally need, it's not a one size fits all wellness plan. With such a generous amount of modalities and herbs out there you are bound to find what works for you and your lifestyle. Your first step to calming anxiety is as easy as drinking a cup of tea daily. Below is a list of a few herbs that lend a helping hand in calming stress and anxiety.

Chamomile~ Matricaria chamomilla

Asteraceae~Sunflower Family

Nourishing nerve agent.

Topically and internally anti-inflammatory.

Helps with the following:

-Food Poisoning: Chamomile tea will relax stomach coat.

-Teething in babies: Brings down redness and swelling of gums.

-Gas pain, stomach pain, bloating.

-Stress: Calming Herb.


-Colic in babies: soothes digestive tack. (You can rub it on baby 's belly)

-Diminishes histamine release.

Can be used:

*In a tea

*Used topically

Skullcap~ Scutellaria lateriflora

Lamiaceae- Mint Family

Taste: Bitter

Nutritive to CNS (Central Nervous System).

Nerve sedating properties.

Skullcap tea has a direct effect on nerves themselves.

Helps with the following:

-Fibromyalga symptoms.

-Nerve issue: Cold sore flare-up.


-Nervous Stomach.


-ADD/ADHD: Kids who have ADD/ADHD have a sensitivity to sound (over-stimulation to sound). Skullcap has a calming effect on this.

Can be used:

*In a tea

*Used topically

Passionflower~ Passiflora spp.

Passifloracea- Passionflower Family

Sedative to CNS (Central Nervous System)

For people with a busy brain (overthinker)


Helps with the following:

-High blood pressure (Arterial Sedative).


-Bronchial antispasmodic (suppresses muscle spasms).


-Relaxes tension around arteries.

*Be aware of using if you have Low Blood Pressure

Lemon Balm~ Melissa officinalis

Lamiaceae- Mint Family

Nourishing to the nerves


Great for dealing with viruses in the nerves

Helps with the following:


-Helps with some types of asthma.



Can be used:

*In a tea

*Used topically

St. John's Wort~ Hypericum perforatum

Hypericaceae Family

Helpful with mild depression (especially SAD).

Can be used Internally as well as Topically.

Soothing to nerve fibers.

Helps with the following:

-Nerve pain.




-Muscular Pain.

-Repetitive motion injuries.

-Carpal tunnel.

-Plantar Fascitis.

-Intercostal nerve pain due to cough (intercostals=muscles between the ribs).


* Note: Use St. John's Wort Topically for the above ailments (Direct Contact).



-Mild depression.


Can be used:

*In a tea

*Used topically

Inspired by: Reana Tracy

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